Friday, October 28, 2011

Dem Bones

Today I went and fetched up our old cow's head.  She had died this last summer and we hauled her to the back and buried her under a pile of dirt.  She is basically only hide and bones now and her head was pretty clean but for between the jaws and inside the back of her skull.  Clean enough to bring home.  So for now she is residing on the edge of my garden until I can get her up and let nature finish cleaning her.

A few years ago I had a deer head hanging to clean in a tree behind the house.  Not thinking, my 3 yr. old nephew saw it out the bathroom window and whispered to his dad that there was a reindeer behind the house in a tree.  LOL.  My brother asked me and I said oh sure that is my deer head I am cleaning.  He didn't like that answer, LOL.  I have since cut it down and put it behind the shed.  I need to get it up too so the mice don't chew on it all winter.

Tomorrow I am going to the annual Psychic Fair.  I enjoy going just to be around others, some I only get to see at this time of year as we are all spread so far.  Living in the boondocks has its perks but it also requires a lot of travel to do anything.  It is nothing to have to drive two hours to attend something.  Maybe it is that way everywhere, I wouldn't know as when I lived in the southern part of the state driving an hour seemed like forever :) and I had friends of the same thought.  Here though not so much, being a real Christian area with lots of Amish and Mennonites also.  I don't know a single pagan in my area and so I must travel :).  I look forward to it.  I need to get a list made of some shopping to do.

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