Thursday, December 10, 2015

A December Afternoon

After work today I took a walk down our freshly graded road.  It was like leaving the first steps on the moon.  Well, sorta'.  The deer beat me to it and had footprints all over in various depths and configurations.  They obviously were having fun!

A winged one is leaving me gifts.  This is the second one in a weeks time.  I haven't seen who it is but I will be watching.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Small Surprise

I came home yesterday to realize there were things in my bedroom that weren't there when I left.  Since I was the only one home I figured one of the boys must have stopped by looking for something.  Hunting season starts next Saturday and so there is all that goes along with that.  Man's holiday I call it since I'm not a hunter.

Sure enough, the double bed mattress and boxspring are gone!  I am all like "yahoo!!!" because that is what was keeping me from being able to shovel that room out and turn it into my exercise/art room!  It's a little hard to move around in there with a giant bed in the way.  It is not a huge room and it has my other son's desk crammed into it and another twin bed etc.  Now I am thinking I'll set the desk up to work at if I can work it into the space.  The problem with these rooms is that the walls follow the roofline so putting a desk into one makes it so one cannot stand up to work at it.  BUT we shall see.

If not I'll probably haul it out of here and donate it to the thrift store.

There is another desk in there that we used as a room divider when the room was one big one.  I'd like that out of there and perhaps replace it somewhat with a room divider I can move.  I still want something up to block the view as my husband has a tendency to "sneak" around checking up on me.  He thinks I don't know this but I see and hear him and it makes me crazy.  I can't concentrate on things if he's always peeking in.  I'm thinking of putting some sort of signal on the stair landing to warn him to not bother me.

I had to laugh last night.  He came running upstairs to ask me if I saw on TV the chaos in Paris with those horrific bombings and shootings.  Someone had posted about it on a forum I'm on so I did know but HE has the television in "his" (was "our" bedroom) so I don't know what TV he thought I was watching.  I said I don't have a TV, remember?  Oh...and he left.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Warning:  This is solely my opinion and has nothing to do with someone else's reality.

This morning I checked FB to see how Denise is doing.  I saw a headline that a certain someone thinks Starbucks is the anti-christ and should be boycotted.  My words, not theirs but that is what I got out of it.  Why?  Because their cup this year isn't christmasy enough.  You know, the war on christmas and all that.

Really?  In a world full of real world problems this is what we come up with?

First off hasn't anyone noticed the Starbucks logo is a goddess with a pentacle on her crown?  I mean, it is totally obvious.

The Week, a magazine I subscribe to, had a funny small article about this and said something on the order of Starbucks isn't putting on their cups the usual 'biblical' christmas designs of reindeer, ornaments and snowmen.  Ha!  I thought that was clever.

We haven't a Starbucks within 50 miles but the next time I get near one, if it happens to be around solstice time I plan to stop in and get myself that rare cup and say Merry Yule.  Or Happy Solstice.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hike, Art Abandonment and Harvesting

Today I took the drive to Big Falls.  I love this place and oftentimes because normally if I go it is during the week and I have the whole place to myself.  Today there were some canoe folks having a fire and picnic after a day on the river so it was busy in comparison to the norm.

I found a few smooth stones and a piece of wood I liked.  I also harvested some wintergreen for tea.  I'll go back when I don't have to worry about anyone watching me.

I also did an art abandonment project.  I made a star out of sticks I found in the grass.  I carry twine and a scissors with me and so after the hike I sat at the picnic table as the sun was going down and created this star.  I then dedicated it and hung it out over the water.

Can you see it in the second photo?

I also picked up some beer and soda cans along with a beer bottle.  Next time I'll carry some bags along so I don't have to struggle holding onto cold cans and people's trash.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Autumn Hike

I took today and Saturday off from work as I was to go to an Elderwoman conference.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to lack of interest and so now I have two days off with no real plan.  Well, not exactly so, tomorrow is my favorite holiday craft show so I will be going to that now that I can.

  I do appreciate having off as I work my paying job 6 days a week.  Sometimes a girl just needs to stay home!

So, come along for an hour long walk with us!

My little cottage from the back.

My hiking companion.

 Some really late blooming daisies.  A fun splash of color.

I spooked both the owls out of the pine forest.  I hear this pair hooting all the time and it is so wonderful.

The cows came running to see who was coming to visit.

 Deer trails are a good path to stick to when walking around and through the bog.  

It looks like the buck has left his mark.

You will have to click on this photo but there is Mr. Pileated Woodpecker up in the right tree.  I was surprised he allowed us to get even this close.

A natural mandala.

Black Eyed Susans dried as permanently blowing in the wind.

Baby fungi.

 Deer candy.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk with us.  I'd have liked to have gone to the old foundation but with all the rain this year the bog was too tricky to cross.  I'll have to go in from the other side.

Now it is time for some lunch and a cup or two of hot coffee.  It is breezy and cool outside but a beautiful November day!

Wild Kuan Yin

Last weekend I went to my annual Halloween shindig and Psychic Faire.  It is held at a wonderful store filled with magickal things from herbs to stain glass and books and local crafts.  This is my favorite store where I get all my supplies when, #1, I need to know the energy of an item, #2, I can see what is new and #3, only shopping local will do despite it being a 140 mile round trip.

Aside of my stock up of supplies I picked up this deck of cards.  I saw it by chance (and we all know that isn't true) and it just filled my mind, heart and soul with everything I look for in an Oracle card.  I don't have too many sets because it must speak to me but this one yelled my name.  I took a peek inside and I see the Yak is featured often, the artwork is all consistent and the book that comes with it is very detailed.  As one who works with cattle anything bovine seeks a soft spot in my heart and to see the joy between these two I find inspiring.

I have now worked with this deck three times and to say it is just what I needed is an understatement.  It definitely is my favorite deck.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Witchy Sisters

This is another piece of art I purchased from the same fellow who did the koi.  I love the Wicked Witch of the West.  My sister has always loved Glinda.  Her name is Linda and so I figure she probably thinks somewhere someone just keeps forgetting the "G".  Anyway, over the years it has become a sort of joke between us.  I find strange and fun Glinda stuff and send it to her.  I address it to Glinda the Good Witch or something to that affect.  She at first was hesitant to call me the bad witch but has since come around since I find it not offensive at all.  Because I am 4 hours north of her she calls me the Wicked Witch of the North.  I like it!

Now mind you, I don't think she knows I am a practicing witch.  And that is ok too.  I don't tell most people, only a select few know.  I live in a VERY conservative area so it isn't something one goes around flaunting.  I figure one day I'll come out of the broom closet but let them think they really know me so when I do it will be a positive thing.

I found a fun Yule gift for my sister, a vintage in the box Hallmark Glinda ornament.  The seller had the Wicked Witch also so I bought that one for myself.  Then, lo and behold I found someone who makes Glinda and Witch of the West christmas stockings!!  You gotta' love Etsy!  So I got one of those also.  I'll ship the ornament in the stocking along with some homemade treats for the dog and cat.  Who expects a witchy stocking?

And of course I got myself one also.  And an extra.  I may do a giveaway.

I'd be really curious if any of you share your witchyness with your sisters or family?  My family is non-practicing Catholic and although there is a lot to like about Catholicism (old churches, the idea of Saints, exorcism, Mary, etc.) there is a lot of not so great either.  I don't share anything.  Part of it is I live so far away from them.  Another is that it is private.  I don't need the hassle of worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Anyway, leave me a note or blog about it and let me know.  I'd really be interested.