Friday, November 6, 2015

Wild Kuan Yin

Last weekend I went to my annual Halloween shindig and Psychic Faire.  It is held at a wonderful store filled with magickal things from herbs to stain glass and books and local crafts.  This is my favorite store where I get all my supplies when, #1, I need to know the energy of an item, #2, I can see what is new and #3, only shopping local will do despite it being a 140 mile round trip.

Aside of my stock up of supplies I picked up this deck of cards.  I saw it by chance (and we all know that isn't true) and it just filled my mind, heart and soul with everything I look for in an Oracle card.  I don't have too many sets because it must speak to me but this one yelled my name.  I took a peek inside and I see the Yak is featured often, the artwork is all consistent and the book that comes with it is very detailed.  As one who works with cattle anything bovine seeks a soft spot in my heart and to see the joy between these two I find inspiring.

I have now worked with this deck three times and to say it is just what I needed is an understatement.  It definitely is my favorite deck.

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