Friday, November 6, 2015

Autumn Hike

I took today and Saturday off from work as I was to go to an Elderwoman conference.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to lack of interest and so now I have two days off with no real plan.  Well, not exactly so, tomorrow is my favorite holiday craft show so I will be going to that now that I can.

  I do appreciate having off as I work my paying job 6 days a week.  Sometimes a girl just needs to stay home!

So, come along for an hour long walk with us!

My little cottage from the back.

My hiking companion.

 Some really late blooming daisies.  A fun splash of color.

I spooked both the owls out of the pine forest.  I hear this pair hooting all the time and it is so wonderful.

The cows came running to see who was coming to visit.

 Deer trails are a good path to stick to when walking around and through the bog.  

It looks like the buck has left his mark.

You will have to click on this photo but there is Mr. Pileated Woodpecker up in the right tree.  I was surprised he allowed us to get even this close.

A natural mandala.

Black Eyed Susans dried as permanently blowing in the wind.

Baby fungi.

 Deer candy.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk with us.  I'd have liked to have gone to the old foundation but with all the rain this year the bog was too tricky to cross.  I'll have to go in from the other side.

Now it is time for some lunch and a cup or two of hot coffee.  It is breezy and cool outside but a beautiful November day!

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