Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hike, Art Abandonment and Harvesting

Today I took the drive to Big Falls.  I love this place and oftentimes because normally if I go it is during the week and I have the whole place to myself.  Today there were some canoe folks having a fire and picnic after a day on the river so it was busy in comparison to the norm.

I found a few smooth stones and a piece of wood I liked.  I also harvested some wintergreen for tea.  I'll go back when I don't have to worry about anyone watching me.

I also did an art abandonment project.  I made a star out of sticks I found in the grass.  I carry twine and a scissors with me and so after the hike I sat at the picnic table as the sun was going down and created this star.  I then dedicated it and hung it out over the water.

Can you see it in the second photo?

I also picked up some beer and soda cans along with a beer bottle.  Next time I'll carry some bags along so I don't have to struggle holding onto cold cans and people's trash.

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