Thursday, November 5, 2015

Witchy Sisters

This is another piece of art I purchased from the same fellow who did the koi.  I love the Wicked Witch of the West.  My sister has always loved Glinda.  Her name is Linda and so I figure she probably thinks somewhere someone just keeps forgetting the "G".  Anyway, over the years it has become a sort of joke between us.  I find strange and fun Glinda stuff and send it to her.  I address it to Glinda the Good Witch or something to that affect.  She at first was hesitant to call me the bad witch but has since come around since I find it not offensive at all.  Because I am 4 hours north of her she calls me the Wicked Witch of the North.  I like it!

Now mind you, I don't think she knows I am a practicing witch.  And that is ok too.  I don't tell most people, only a select few know.  I live in a VERY conservative area so it isn't something one goes around flaunting.  I figure one day I'll come out of the broom closet but let them think they really know me so when I do it will be a positive thing.

I found a fun Yule gift for my sister, a vintage in the box Hallmark Glinda ornament.  The seller had the Wicked Witch also so I bought that one for myself.  Then, lo and behold I found someone who makes Glinda and Witch of the West christmas stockings!!  You gotta' love Etsy!  So I got one of those also.  I'll ship the ornament in the stocking along with some homemade treats for the dog and cat.  Who expects a witchy stocking?

And of course I got myself one also.  And an extra.  I may do a giveaway.

I'd be really curious if any of you share your witchyness with your sisters or family?  My family is non-practicing Catholic and although there is a lot to like about Catholicism (old churches, the idea of Saints, exorcism, Mary, etc.) there is a lot of not so great either.  I don't share anything.  Part of it is I live so far away from them.  Another is that it is private.  I don't need the hassle of worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Anyway, leave me a note or blog about it and let me know.  I'd really be interested.


  1. everyone knows i am a witch. i have a leaded glass window with a big pentagram over my front door. i don't care what anyone else thinks.

  2. I love it! I am working towards that. One of these days I'll post about the time I had a church accusing me of killing a goat. We maybe lived here 5 months at the time. "She must be a witch!!" It was a frightening experience. Kudos to you though!

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