Saturday, November 14, 2015

Small Surprise

I came home yesterday to realize there were things in my bedroom that weren't there when I left.  Since I was the only one home I figured one of the boys must have stopped by looking for something.  Hunting season starts next Saturday and so there is all that goes along with that.  Man's holiday I call it since I'm not a hunter.

Sure enough, the double bed mattress and boxspring are gone!  I am all like "yahoo!!!" because that is what was keeping me from being able to shovel that room out and turn it into my exercise/art room!  It's a little hard to move around in there with a giant bed in the way.  It is not a huge room and it has my other son's desk crammed into it and another twin bed etc.  Now I am thinking I'll set the desk up to work at if I can work it into the space.  The problem with these rooms is that the walls follow the roofline so putting a desk into one makes it so one cannot stand up to work at it.  BUT we shall see.

If not I'll probably haul it out of here and donate it to the thrift store.

There is another desk in there that we used as a room divider when the room was one big one.  I'd like that out of there and perhaps replace it somewhat with a room divider I can move.  I still want something up to block the view as my husband has a tendency to "sneak" around checking up on me.  He thinks I don't know this but I see and hear him and it makes me crazy.  I can't concentrate on things if he's always peeking in.  I'm thinking of putting some sort of signal on the stair landing to warn him to not bother me.

I had to laugh last night.  He came running upstairs to ask me if I saw on TV the chaos in Paris with those horrific bombings and shootings.  Someone had posted about it on a forum I'm on so I did know but HE has the television in "his" (was "our" bedroom) so I don't know what TV he thought I was watching.  I said I don't have a TV, remember?  Oh...and he left.

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