Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking southwest

Looking north from near the house.  This whole hill was taken out and now the energy that comes up the driveway has a place to go rather than swirl around the house.  What an improvement!!

Grandpa Tree

This is another project long overdue.  This mound of dirt created a 4' wall alongside the north side of the house.  We figure that when the basement was dug the dirt was just piled here and left.  In the 80+ years it was there two elm trees grew and died and another pine planted itself.  That one will have to go as it is under the power line but I let my husband know he couldn't take out my Grandpa tree, seen above.  It isn't a beautiful tree but he is large and provides a lovely place to sit where a breeze seems to always be.  So as you can see my husband took out 2/3 the hill and Old Grandpa is looking fine.  The rest of the hill needs to come out but first the trees must come down.

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