Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cat Day

My candle burning at Mary's feet in my Mary garden is still giving off light.  I really like this and I think I will do it more often.  My husband asked me if it was to guide the great pumpkin, LOL.  He doesn't really "get it" but he gets it enough to leave it at that ;).

I was exhausted yesterday.  Does anyone else get like that?  The two weeks before Samhain and I am as high as a kite on energy.  But after I crash, hard.  I took the day off from anything too strenuous.  Moved some branches that were in the walk way, visited my filly, rode my bike a bit, made dinner but other than that I didn't move a whole lot.  I had what I call a "Cat Day".  I do as my cat does and she slept by my side all day :).  Despite that I slept hard for the first time in two weeks.

And I feel it this morning.  Can we say stiff?


  1. I'm glad you stopped by my blog. The main reason I started my blog was to preserve a little bit of myself for my kids and grand kids. Sort of a diary.
    Another reason was so that I might find souls I could identify with. I've read some of your posts and enjoy your blog. X.

  2. That sounds about right. I get the same way after sabbats sometimes, the energy peaks and then drains right out of you. Maybe take a hot shower or bath with bath salts to help work out the stiffness?

  3. If you felt like taking a 'Cat Day,' I'm glad you did so. I like to listen to my body... Seems my own body will know what's best for me, etc.

    "My husband asked me if it was to guide the great pumpkin, LOL. He doesn't really "get it" but he gets it enough to leave it at that ;)." It's lovely that your husband is understanding... Even though he doesn't fully understand.

    What a wonderful way to deal with a marriage! We are each individuals, after all. And allowing each, to be themselves, seems like a great way to co-habitate. (My husband is the same, btw. And I appreciate this)

    Gentle hugs,
    "It is a joy to walk in the bare woods. The moonlight is not broken by the heavy leaves. The leaves are down, and touching the soaked earth, Giving off the odors that partridges love."
    ~ Robert Bly, Solitude Late at Night in the Woods

  4. Hi. I found you through Auntie sezzzz and Bogaman's blog. I've been drained this week. Been under a lot of stress with looking for a new home and packing so it's to be expected in my case.

    Had to chuckle when I read about your hubby. Sounds pretty much like mine.