Friday, November 4, 2011

Witchy Moos

Just had to take a photo of the card I embellished for my pen pal.  A little late for Halloween but as we all know, witchy wishes happen all year 'round ;).


  1. -giggles- That is soooooooooooo cute!!!

    Oh and it's so nice to see pictures, in your blog. I know, I'm a *Picture In Blogs Nut.* -giggles- Probably everyone is not so much like that.

    But I'll tell ya', a lot of us are. I'm not the only one. :-)

    But! Every blogger is unique and so is every blog. I would never insist on anyone doing "just what I like."

    There, have I covered all sides of that issue? LOL. I'm also a *Nut* about not sounding like I'm demanding anything. 'Cause when one is in your 70's, you DO tend to sound like that, a lot. -hangs head in shame- -more giggles-

    Gentle hugs,
    "It is the glory and the worry of heavy laden boughs,
    the preparation of the pantry for winter.
    It is the bloom of the land, preserved."

    ~Amy Machamer

  2. Nice. Instead of the cow jumping over the moon, surely she flew on her broom.