Friday, November 11, 2011

I Am Back

Wow, well, wasn't that fun :).  My sweet netbook is now back to her old self and actually better since they gave her a dusting and tune-up.

I have been working my "paying" job which is one that I can get called in on a whim.  I had four days this week, still have Saturday and maybe Monday, then a few days off until I work the whole week of Thanksgiving from Saturday before to the Saturday after.  It is a nice little boost to the savings account if I get to hang onto it.

Our "local" new bookstore opened after the loss of our Borders book store.  Wow, what a blow considering it was the only "real" bookstore in over an hour drive in any direction!  We have lots of bookstores but they are all run by Mennonites and as fun as it is to read their books (and I do) it isn't exactly what I am always after.

Well, now we have BAM, otherwise known as Books-A-Million.  I stopped in there last Sunday and actually found a small section under "new age" of Witchy books.  I purchased two!  One is "The Small-Town Pagan's Survival Guide" which is a fun read though it being new it is still a little outdated with websites and such.  But that is the way of it, isn't it in this day and age?  I still am thoroughly enjoying it.  And recognizing a "local" from Witchvox.

Second book is "The Path of a Christian Witch". I just started reading it.  It intrigued me because this gal is/was a Catholic so I am very interested in her view on the parallels of the two practices.

BAM is having a grand opening sale on Saturday with 20% off on top of the 10% I already get (I bought into their rewards because, sorry, but I am a book junkie!) so I am really anxious to get there right after work.  It is a long hour drive but goodness, books...

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  1. So glad "that" is over, and you are back!

    Great illustration, btw.

    Gentle hugs...