Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What I Love About My Space

For the first time since I rented my own place 30 years ago I have my own space...my own room...my own level of this house if I so choose.  As in introvert this is something I have so desperately missed in my life.  It is like my own magickal place where it smells good, is filled with only my things and I feel I can breathe and truly relax.  This is just an impromptu list off the top of my head.

It is on the second story...up in the trees with the birds!  I love that!

I can see far vistas unlike when downstairs.

The energy is so fabulous, like a love filled cocoon.

It is mine.  None of my husband's crap is allowed, period!!!

I have no one to clean up after but myself.

I can hear the rain on the roof.

I hear owls hooting without the windows having to be open!

I have given up television.  I do not miss it.  For the record I do have a portable DVD player and a radio/CD player.  I listen to a lot more music now.  And Wisconsin Public Radio.

Tabby (my cat) seems to love it also.

Mourning Doves sit on the roof and I can hear their gentle cooing.

I can be in my under garments or less without being harassed.

It is my own sanctuary.

No one questions my altar. (because they don't see it)

No judgement.  If I want to work on art for hours no one is snorting their disapproval as to how I am spending my time.

Freedom to be myself.

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